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By joining our 500 LB+ KONA FISHING CLUB, you will receive 10% OFF all future KONA FISHING CHARTERS FOR LIFE.

All you have to do to become a member is to catch a 500 LB or LARGER MARLIN, MAKO or THRESHER SHARK on any of our DAY or NIGHT KONA FISHING CHARTERS.

You will also have your GREAT CATCH posted on LINDASUE2.COM website as a 500 LB+ MEMBER.

690.5 lb Blue Marlin
Tim & Eric Erbstoesser
San Luis Obispo, CA

caught 08/14/2010

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Tim & son Eric Erbstoesser from San Luis Obispo, CA had to do a tag team for 2 hours to get this "Bad Girl" to the boat. It was a real struggle and deck hand, Mike Donsant (far right) ended up hand lining the monster up for the last hour. Tim's other two sons, 9 year old twins, provided the water service and cheerleading.


601-1/2 LB Blue Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Jim Miersch
, Arlington Heights, IL
Caught 6/6/08

Kona Blue Marlin Salmon Unlimited
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Kona  Blue Marlin fishing picture

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Jim Miersch from Arlington Heights, IL won the Salmon Unlimited, Cass Sliwa Memorial Fund Raising Auction for a half day charter in Hawaii aboard the Linda Sue III with Capt/Owner of the Linda Sue III in Kona. The original Linda Sue was in Waukegan, IL and Cass & Captain Jeff were some of the original members of Salmon Unlimited. Cass & Jean Sliwa were some of the original founders of Salmon Unlimited that made it the great organization it is today.
The half day charter in at the auction every year is Capt Jeff Heintz' s tribute to a great guy.




627 LB Blue Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Sal & Michele Motisi, Farmingdale, NY
Caught 11/12/07

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Hawaii Blue Marlin fishing picture

Sal Motisi & his wife Michele from Farmingdale, NY got a BIG SURPRISE
 only 15 minutes outside of the harbor! Click to see larger picture
and note the custom "Super Maham" lure by Lael Wilson


539 LB Blue Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Ryan & Wendy Quam
Sioux Falls South Dakota
Caught 5/11/07

Honeymoon Special fishing Blue marlin kona hawaii
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Ryan & Wendy Quam from Sioux Falls, South Dakota came very close to getting a FREE CHARTER
on the Linda Sue III. On their HONEYMOON SPECIAL
On 5/11/07, Ryan's 539 lb. BLUE MARLIN missed the mark by only 42 lbs.
Congratulations Ryan & Wendy for a great effort.

153 LB Thresher Shark, Kona Hawaii
Billy Furnish - Wales, UK
Caught 4/29/07

thresher shark fishing kona hawaii

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Click on photos to see larger image

Billy Furnish from Wales, UK has fished throughout the world (Canaries Islands, Shetland Islands,
Cape Verde Islands, Kenya -East Africa, Tanzania -East Africa, Mexico, Florida,
Montauk -New York, Channel Islands) but not until he booked an
Overnight Fishing Adventure did he ever catch one of the
more exotic sharks of the world, a 153 lb. Thresher!

644 LB Blue Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Bill Bravos - Barrington, IL
Caught 3/29/07

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(This picture was taken the following morning with Capt Jeff Heintz and crew, Lael Wilson because Bill had to leave with the cruise ship. What a fish tale he now have to tell!

Bravo for the Bravos!  Bill Bravos and family from Barrington, IL got off the Hawaii cruise ship in hopes of catching a Mahi Mahi. Instead of a small fish, a MONSTER of 644 LB Marlin came up behind the Linda Sue III two (2) hours into their 4-hour charter. After a 4 hour battle (that's right, their 4-hour charter turned into 6 hour), Bill won and with the courtesy of the cruise line holding a tender for them (they were late) and a fast taxi back to the pier downtown - everybody won but the fish.

550.5  LB Blue Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Wayne Gray, Filmore, IL
Caught 2/24/07

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Kona Hawaii Sport Fishing- Blue Marlin By Andrzejewski
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Wayne Gray from Filmore, IL chartered the Linda Sue III along with fishing buddy Chester "Stoney" Stoneburner for Wayne's birthday. This was the GREAT RESULT or ending after 3 other (non-Linda Sue) attempts in Hawaii and catching nothing. The first 3 attempts were on other charters not on the Linda Sue.
Linda Sue III proved to be the lucky one for Wayne! What a great catch!!

586 LB. Marlin, Kona Hawaii
Angler Jeff Cooke, Santa Ana Ca

Caught June 2006

Hawaii Sport Fishing - Kona Marlin
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Angler Jeff Cooke, Pres/owner of the Parts Network, Santa Ana Ca. caught this 586lb. Blue Marlin while fishing in Kona Hawaii June 2nd. 2006 on The LINDA SUE III with Capt. Jeff Heintz and crew Doug Leon.

Kona Fishing Charter - Shark

On a overnight fishing charter to South Point, Mark Fitzgibbons & Carl Barba from the Chicago area wanted to try some stand-up bottom fishing for the giant Ulua's. After catching several Ulua's and then getting three bitten off completely except for one head, Capt. Jeff Heintz and crew Frank Potemski from Honolulu decided to find out what was stealing the Ulua's. It only took 10 minutes with a rigged dead tuna on a balloon floater to find out. The 16/0 reel started to scream in the pitch black of the night. After backing up for 2 hours we finally got a look at the giant mystery fish. All of us were shocked as the spot lights shining into the water outlined the enormous size of the great Tiger Shark.

After another hour and a lot of hard work from the 2 anglers who switched several times, Frank was able to grab the leder only to have to let it go several times to avoid being pulled over by the "beast from hell".

Finally, after being to leader several times, Frank gave it all he had left and pulled the 1006 pound shark up to gaff range. Mark, who owns a company called Innovative Fishing Products, has developed a "Harpoon Style" gaff (shown in the picture), chartered the Linda Sue II to try it out on Big Game Marlin & Tuna. Unfortunately after loosing two 700 lb. marlin during the day, the only option left was to try it on the great tiger shark without knowing what would happen next.

Because the gaff penetrated the skin with ease & went in to hit a vital spot, the long 3 1/2 hour battle ended with ease. Compared to poking it several times with the traditional flying gaff & only irritating the fish. After 30 more minutes, and the help of the 2000 lb. winch mounted on the Linda Sue II, the fish was pulled into the back of the boat and hauled back to Kona. It was a long night, but when the huge fish was hauled up on the scale and read 1006 pounds, we all thought it was quite an accomplishment.

Aloha - Capt. Jeff Heintz

Kona Fishing Charter

A Great Christmas Present

763 LBS

Jim's lifetime wish of catching a Marlin came true, aboard the Linda Sue II in Kona, Hawaii.

Don't wait until Summer to catch a big one!











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